Profile: Tibran

Name: Patrick
Born: 1988
From: Germany
Languages: German
Hobbies: Gaming
You're probably here cause you've read my reviews, watched my streams or bought one of my games (if you're a master of time travel and bought my games in the future), I don't wanna bore you with the story of my life, so I'll keep it rather short. My name is Patrick, known online as Tibran. I'm a jack of all trades and master of none.

A few of these "trades" are html, css & c# coding, 3d modelling, photo & video editing and learning languages or rather learning in general. It could be considered simultaneously my best and worst trait. Best cause I'm always excited to learn new things and worst cause this excitement leads to learning only the basics and then moving on to learn new things.

I'm an "electronics technician for automation technology", it's quite the title but it is not as fancy as it sounds. All those "trades" mentioned earlier are more of a hobby as of now. This means I try my best to post updates but my job is priority number one, since it pays the bills. If things change and I can make money from coding, 3d modelling or game design, then the update frequency will change as well.

That should be enough for now. I will come back to this section as soon as I get annoyed by frequently asked questions ;)

- Tibran
More profiles will be added eventually.